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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ White Wax
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ White Wax Chair

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ White Wax

Use White Chalk Paint Wax to soften and lighten Chalk Paint colours. It can also be applied directly onto unvarnished wood to create a limed look. Chalk Paint Wax will seal and protect furniture and walls painted with Chalk Paint decorative paint.

Apply a thin coat of white wax, removing any excess with a clean cloth. Less is more, so there's no need to apply wax too thickly. If you do over-apply the wax, you can wipe back any excess with clear Chalk Paint Wax, making sure every part of your piece has been waxed at least once.

Technical information

Chalk Paint® Wax is not suitable for outdoor use. After care: wipe clean with a damp cloth. For tough marks, use a proprietary spray cleaner and rewax if necessary.

More information - including Health & Safety

Available in 120ml and 500ml.

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