Living room area styled in a Bohemian style

The Bohemian Beauty Of A Pre-Loved Home

Bohemian interior design is all about thinking outside the box. It is a creative and free-flowing style of home décor that allows you to mix and match disparate elements in a way that suits you. The beauty of bohemian style comes from its eclecticism, individuality and imagination. This is not a style that follows the rules but one that joyfully breaks them all! It is pretty much the antithesis of the minimalist look.

Image of a Bohemian style living room

Express Yourself With Annie Sloan Chalk Paints

With a bohemian home design, you can have things exactly the way you like them, no matter how quirky a look others may find it. The vibrant, rich colours of some of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paints allow you to express yourself through creative use of colours – one of the key elements of a bohemian home. Whether you use bold paint colours on the walls, on pre-loved furniture or stick to keeping strong colours in your jumble of throws, cushions, accents and ornaments, a willingness to experiment with colours shows that you could be a bohemian at heart.

You can use Annie Sloan paints to help you achieve the bohemian effect you are going for. They will show off all your old, pre-loved, vintage, exotic and quirky items to their best advantage when used on walls or the old wooden furniture that your items are placed on. Consider a feature wall in beautiful 'Burgundy' for example, with furniture and accents in a soft pink, or how about a feature wall in 'Provence', 'Florence' or even 'Antibes Green' – all three of these greenish shades will bring out the plant life you bring in to crowd the room and complete the look and show it off to good effect. Begin with colours you absolutely love and go from there.


Another key feature of a bohemian style is the willingness to embrace contrast and clashing when it comes to colour, and also when it comes to the style, era, origin and feel of your furniture. In a bohemian living room, for example, you might quite happily combine a Victorian sideboard with a reproduction, arts-and-crafts-period chair and a sleek 1960s side table, throw in a few home-stitched cushions and a few area rugs and throws from Istanbul or Morocco, a standard lamp from your Gran and a candle holder from the high street and jumble on a few more personal possessions. This look is never restrained or minimal.

Image of a coffee area in a kitchen with a Bohemian feeling

Bohemian home décor, however, is not really just a case of anything goes. Successful bohemian home design manages to combine the genuine antiques, upcycled masterpieces and pre-loved items into something that truly hangs together as a beautiful whole. In a successful bohemian home design, everything comes together to create a cohesive idea, even when not one bit of it matches. If you consider yourself as someone who 'has an eye' when it comes to picking out jumble sale items, second hand bits and pieces and delightful hand-crafted gems then you could be ideally suited to creating this look successfully in your home.

Why not try to achieve an effortless boho beauty in your home with some pre-loved and handcrafted items from Love Restored?

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