Image of a floor decorated using an Annie Sloan stencil

New Year, New Start: Put Your Green Living Plan Into Action

Happy 2018! Here's hoping it will be a good one. There is no doubt about it – we are living in tricky times. But if we all put out best foot forward then we can each be part of the global solution to our problems rather than part of the problem. There is a lot that we cannot control but actually, we are in control of a lot more than we sometimes imagine. By making small lifestyle changes and voting with our feet and our money, we, as consumers, can force substantial change. We all just have to put our green living plans into action, not 'someday' not 'tomorrow' but right now. Love Restored's new year's resolution is to help many more people make the transition to a more green, ethical, sustainable and sensible way of life.

Make the green living resolution right alongside us and let us help you to furnish and decorate your home in green and guilt free ways that will not cost the earth. By making do and mending, restoring and upcycling, we can all reduce the volume of new products that we buy and thereby lower our carbon footprints. We are also saving old stuff from going to landfill by giving it a new lease of life. What could be better for our coppers and our consciences?

Image of a floor decorated using an Annie Sloan Stencil

Before you head straight for the post-Christmas sales, consider whether you really need the items you are going to buy. Think about where they came from and what they cost to manufacture and transport. Whenever you do need to buy something new (of course we all do sometimes) make sure that you are as informed as possible about where the item came from, the ethical matters surrounding the company who made it and what is has cost to bring it to you. Hold companies accountable and make them tell us everything we need to know. If there is no transparency in the supply chain, then you should simply not buy.

There are many different elements to living a greener and more sustainable life. You need to think about not only what you buy but also how you live your daily life. Every detail is important but it does not take huge change on your part to make a pretty big difference. For example if you had a good, long look at what you eat and stopped eating meat or non-organic produce, you would lower your carbon footprint more than giving up a car! By being more selective in what you buy and buying a little less, you can make sure what you do buy is of a far better quality, far healthier and far greener. You could even try growing, making and creating at home, in all sorts of new and exciting ways.

Think about ways in which you can make your home environment a happier, healthier and more productive one. Like any journey, the journey towards a more sustainable way of life begins with a single step. Don't put it off! Decide what you are going to do first and then take the plunge, take that first step and you'll be up and running in no time! Pop into Love Restored to see how we could help you on your journey and tell us how you're doing.

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