Personalised Coat Hanger painted with Annie Sloan Chalk for Valentines Day

Lovely Ideas For Home Made Valentine's Day Presents

Nothing shows love more than spending time and effort making something truly personal and heartfelt for your loved one. Romantic gifts do not have to cost much and can give a lot of pleasure to the one receiving them. Love Restored and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint can help you to create some lovely home made Valentine's Day presents – the perfect antidote to this often over-commercial holiday and the way to say 'I love you' in a more sustainable way.

Coat Hook hanger painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint personalised for Valentines DayA Special Photo In A Painted Driftwood Frame

 If you are in the early stages of a relationship, you should cherish every exciting moment – the butterflies, the conversations that last for hours, the exciting feeling of sharing the world with one another and the cosy feeling that comes from melding two journey's into one. Find some beautiful driftwood on a beach, fix it into a frame and decorate it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint then find a special photo of you and your new love together – like the driftwood, the tides have washed you and your love onto the same shore and now you can move forward together.

Drawers At Your Place

If your relationship is moving to the next level than you may be wondering how to ask your partner to move in with you. When they keep their clothes at your place, you know you have reached the next level of commitment. One great way to tell them that you are ready for that step is to show them that you have begun to make space for their things. Why not get Love Restored and Annie Sloan chalk paint to help you create a beautiful, personalised chest of drawers that is perfectly suited to your partner? Place it in your room and show them how easily you fit into one another's lives.

Hand Painted Wine Glasses To Toast A Special Moment

Perhaps the sound of wedding bells are in the air? If you are planning to pop that very special question this Valentine's Day then everything should be planned to perfection. Make that champagne toast even more special by using Annie Sloan chalk paint to personalise wine glasses or champagne flutes with hand-painted designs. If you are not naturally talented in this area, perhaps one of the stencils sold by Love Restored could help.

Pair of wine glasses personalised for Valentines Day

A Perennial Plant In A Personalised Pot

An older relationship takes tender love and care to maintain. Show your love that you are in it for the long haul and will always care for them by giving them a plant in a personalised pot that you can tend together. Choose a plant that your partner loves or one which symbolises something that you want to say. Perhaps you should steer clear of the cacti or they might wonder what you are trying to say!

Action On That DIY Job You've Been Meaning To Get Around To

Romance is one thing, but sometimes actions can speak louder than words. Is there something around your home that your loved one has been asking you do do for a while? Have they been getting down about the state of your home décor? It is time to get around to it. Promises are wind, show them that you've got gumption. Is there a piece of furniture or even some walls to be painted? Pick up that Annie Sloan chalk paint and get to it! If you have discussed a job, surprise them with a finished job this Valentine's Day.

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