Child's bedroom in shades of blue with a canvas teepee in front of a crib

Lovely Ideas For A Child's Room Using Annie Sloan Paints

Whether you own or rent your home, a child's room should be their own personal oasis in a world that can often seem confusing and overwhelming. Children need their own space to become the people they are meant to be, to develop their sense of self, their imagination and their creativity. They should have a small space that they can call their own and, when they are old enough, to stamp their own mark on in some way. Here are some lovely ideas for a child's room using Annie Sloan paints, which are the perfect choice for ease and beauty:

Child's dresser with a bunny and pig resting on top

A Personalised Crib, Cot Or Bed

One of the simplest things to do in a child's room is to paint an old crib, cot or child's bed to personalise it and make it theirs. Choose simple, soothing colours and if your child is older then consider incorporating a design based on something they really love. If your child loves trains, paint a train, if they are dinosaur mad, paint a dinosaur, if they love princesses, or fairies, or wizards or animals consider adding finishing touches to make the item a piece of furniture that they will love.

A Castle Or Fort

If you are feeling a little more ambitious, you could use Annie Sloan Paints to make a castle or fort as a special little hideaway for your special little one. Since Annie Sloan Paints will work on all sorts of different materials, you can be flexible as to what you use to make the castle or fort. Wooden pallets, an old table, bits of an old tent, old sheets, chipboard or plywood – these could all be utilised to make a dream den and then painted beautifully. Use reclaimed materials and your imagination and you can make your child their den for next to nothing.

A Beautiful Book Nook

Another option for a snuggle space for your kid is to customise an old set of bookshelves to make a beautiful little book nook. One idea is to Take two or three small bookshelves and place them so your child can sit between them. Paint the shelves in your child's favourite colour or colours and put a big squashy bean bag in there. For added cosiness you could drape a piece of fabric over the top of the shelves.

A Windowsill Garden

To encourage your child to grow up loving nature, bring the outdoors indoors with a lovely little windowsill garden. You could collect a range of different, mismatched jumble sale containers and plant them all up with salads, herbs, strawberries and more. You could paint each container (and a wooden window box, perhaps) with Annie Sloan Paints to give it a beautiful, cohesive look.

Child's bedroom in shades of blue with a canvas teepee in front of a crib

A Mural Or Original Painting

If you are feeling artistic, you could paint a large original painting or wall mural in your child's room. The beautiful shades of Annie Sloan paints allow you to give your imagination free reign. Paint a magical world for your child to inspire dreams of love and adventure.

There are almost endless ways to enliven your child's room. So why not buy some Annie Sloan paints to create your child their own personal wonderland?

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