Image of Mixing Annie Sloan Chalk Paints and making new colours

How To Successfully Blend Your Own Chalk Paint Shades

Do you have a favourite Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colour? If you love these chalk paints as much as we do then you will love so many of the shades that it is difficult to choose! But one of the wonderful things about these paints is how easily you can mix them to create a near endless array of different shades. All it takes is a rudimentary understanding of how colours combine and you can create not just something beautiful but also something utterly unique.

One of the easiest ways to alter a colour is to make it lighter with the addition of a white or off-white shade. For example, you could add some white to one of the pastel shades such as the beautiful Louis Blue to give a very subtle, palest blue effect. You could also use pale shades to reduce the vibrancy of bright shades such as Antibes Green or English Yellow to create a somewhat more subtle effect.

An image of Annie Sloan Chalk paint and mixing them to create new colours

Sometimes, you may want to make a colour darker, in which case, a touch of Graphite, a soft black paint, can deepen darker shades. If you wanted a real midnight blue, for example, you could achieve this by mixing Graphite and Napoleonic Blue or Aubusson Blue. If you wanted a very deep, dark green then you could add a touch of Graphite to Amsterdam Green. A touch of Graphite can also be used with pale colours to create a whole subtle palette of beautiful greys.

Of course, colours can be combined to create new colours entirely. Just experiment, remembering the basics that you learnt in primary school: blue and yellow make green, blue and red make purple, red and yellow make orange, and so on. By experimenting, you can find out exactly which shades can be made by combining the various Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colours in different ratios. By experimenting with mixing the different paint colours, you can be really inventive and find some wonderful new shades for your upcycling and craft projects.

Remember that you do not only have to mix two colours at a time. When you combine three, four or even more colours a whole new world of shades is opened up to you. Using the basic principles of lightening, darkening and mixing above you can decide which colours you might like to combine but it is only by trial and error that you can get the perfect hue you are looking for.

Messy work space after mixing Annie Sloan Chalk paint to create new coloursMix small amounts of each paint colour to conduct your experiments. Remember to write down the ratios you have used so you can recreate the new colour later and it is a good idea to allow the paint to dry so you can see what the final, finished result will be like before you commit to mixing up a bigger batch sufficient to complete the project. It could be a good idea to try out a few different colour recipes at the same time to see them all dry and select the best.

Blending Annie Sloan Chalk Paints to create new shades is a great way to expand your crafting and upcycling repertoire and to create a unique and beautiful home which is exactly the way you want it. 

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