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How To Make Home-Made Wrapping For Christmas Presents With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Cup of coffee with red foam in the spirit of ChristmasChristmas is a time to consider others. But you should not just restrict your consideration to those closest to you. The fact of the matter is that the things we choose to buy can often have a detrimental effect on the planet and on humanity. We should all be doing all we can to reduce our negative impact and live in a more sustainable and ethical way. This Christmas, why not make things or buy second hand rather than buying brand new items? This could really help to reduce your personal carbon footprint and you can also create some personalised gifts that really mean something. The perfect finishing touch for those hand-crafted Christmas gifts is a lovely home-made wrapping.



Three gifts lovingly wrapped with bows and ribbon

Commercially-sold Christmas wrapping paper is often not made from paper from sustainable sources. There is often little transparency and it is difficult to find out where the wrapping paper has really come from. It costs a lot to make something that will be almost immediately thrown away! Why not circumvent those issues (and save money) by making your own wrapping using things you may already have at home.

You may be able to make some beautiful Christmas wrapping using newspaper, scrap paper, cardboard boxes, other old boxes, left over wallpaper, toilet roll tubes (for small gifts) or even a lovely fabric cut from clothes or bedding that are no longer any good. The key thing is not what you use but how you use it. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint can make even the most unprepossessing of wrappings suddenly look delightful, especially when you take the extra effort and tie the whole thing up with some ribbons and bows made with recycled fabric.

Toilet roll tubes make perfect pillow box wrapping for small items like jewellery. Simply paint or cover the tube with a design of your choosing and then carefully fold in the two ends to make a pretty little box with concave ends. Do not throw away toilet roll tubes. They are perfect for a range of different Christmas crafts.

Annie Sloan Chalk paint can be used in layers to build up a nuanced and attractive design on either paper, fabric or other materials. Consider how you can use brush strokes, stencils, stamps and freehand lines to create your pattern. Project pots in Burgundy, Primer Red and Annie's new colour Amsterdam Green would help you make a wrapping with traditional Christmas colours, but you could also think outside the box and use some other lovely shades.

Stamps for Christmas wrapping can be made using any number of different everyday items. You could use bubble wrap, for example, to make a fun-loving dotty print. You can also cut Christmassy shapes like stars or Christmas trees into a potato for a stamp that you can use over and over again on your wrapping this year.

Potato stamping wrapping paperSpend time rather than money on your Christmas gifts and people will see and appreciate the effort you have gone to to show them that you care. Share you photos of any upcycled Christmas gifts you have done with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. If so share with us on our Facebook,InstagramTwitter or Pinterest using #loverestored @love_restored LRx

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