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How To Give Your Furniture And Home A Traditional Scandinavian Folk Art Feel With Hygge

Image of woman holding a cup with the word Hygge superimposed

Scandinavian Folk Art has been an inspiration to many different designers over the years. Its stencilled and hand painted art, its traditional colours and its stylised elements have been used to great effect on many wooden surfaces in many different rooms of many homes. If you enjoy a personal, cosy, quirky and bohemian look then it could be a great inspiration to you too and help you to make a home your own – this could be the answer to too much Ikea! There is not necessarily anything wrong with Ikea furniture – but it does tend to get everywhere and so many people end up with homes that look almost identical.  

Hygge, pronounced "hue-gah" is a Danish lifestyle choice and comes from the meaning of well-being, spending time with family and appreciating making the most of everyday ordinary things.  This complimented with Rosemåling or rosmålning, which is the name given in Norway and Sweden to this type of Scandinavian folk art, then you have the next up and coming homeware trends for the new year. The style developed in rural areas, where skilled artists specialising in this sort of decorative painting would travel from county to county painting churches, homes and furnishings for either money or room and board. The ideas became more encompassing as they spread, incorporating new ideas and motifs. Regionally specific details emerged and immigrants spread the techniques and ideas around the world.  Pop on over to @annielsoanhome where we are all embracing the concept of "Hygge" to better our lives. 


Flower painted on a garden wall with Annie Sloan Paints


Flowers, leaves, geometric elements and s and c shaped scrolls are common in this form of decorative painting. Annie Sloan's Petrushka stencil is influenced by traditional folk art and so could be incorporated into a Scandinavian folk art design or one influenced by folk painting styles in Russia and other parts of the world. The stencil, 'Freya' is perfect for a traditional Scandinavian style. Of course, as you gain in creative confidence, you could also create your own Rosemaling designs. 


painted dresser in Annie Sloan Paint

Painting a chair using an Annie Sloan stencil and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint


Pic: AnnieSloanHome Pinterest/Pic: www.anniesloan.com 

When it comes to colour, these can be bright or more muted but are usually richly saturated colours with some depth to them. Rusty, deep reds, warm pinkish shades, greyish, powdery blues, earth tones and natural greens were all fairly popular on items of furniture and household objects painted in this style. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in 'Scandinavian Pink' is perfect if you would like to create the traditional look of Scandinavian folk-style furnishings and many of her other colours would be perfect to recreate this colourful and homely look.

To create this look, simply paint your base coat and allow it to dry, then place your stencil (or steady your hand). If you are using a stencil, gently stipple on the paint through the holes and remove it carefully so as not to smudge the design. As usual, apply a wax or finish of your choice to complete your design and make it durable. Repeat at the desired intervals to create the pattern you are going for. 

Have you done any Annie Sloan Chalk Paint projects to create this Scandi Feel to your home, does Hygge make you happy. Share you images you have done with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. If so share with us on our Facebook,InstagramTwitter or Pinterest using #loverestored @love_restored LRx

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