Framed photo of a living room in a rustic French style

How To Get A French Country Flavour In Your Home

French country flair can really bring a level of chic sophistication to your home décor. If you are looking for ideas for your interior design, why not look across the Channel for your inspiration? Design is one thing that French people just seem to know about, many there are imbued with a natural sense of style that comes out in the way they dress and the way they decorate their homes. Fortunately, anyone can be inspired by French country style and it is easy to achieve a Parisian level of sophistication and charm in your own home, even if French flair does not come naturally to you.

Framed image of a French styled dining room

One of the first things to consider when it comes to French country interior design is that less is usually more. This is a rather homely and understated style that whispers its style prowess rather than shouting it. The new and the brash and rejected in favour of timeless favourites and a light and muted palette that oozes sophistication. Annie Sloan Chalk Paints can help you to develop the palette required for French country style. Paris Grey, French Linen, Antoinette and Louis Blue, for example, could be perfect to provide the muted base palette of French country design.

 A rustic touch is key to a successful French country look. Bare wood and waxed wood which allows the natural grain of the material to show through are popular. Older pieces of wooden furniture show their age and character through their patina or a distressed paint look. Vintage is valued in the French country look and a few antique details bring a gravitas to the look. Picking up some older pieces of furniture and some vintage accessories can help you create the same chic effect.

But the rustic edge in French country interior design is tempered by a certain luxurious feel that comes from quality, natural materials, and finishing touches, accents and highlights. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Aubusson Blue, Versailles or new shades, a deep, rich brown, Honfleur, and bright and fresh Giverny, a clean cool blue, could all be perfect accent shades when used in moderation for a French Country look. Each of them can help create that effortless but expensive look that comes along with this style.

Unfinished hallway in a rustic French style

French Country homes are cool, practical and understated places where you can feel comfortable and at home without sacrificing style. A few key pieces of painted furniture are the perfect first step towards French flair. Let Love Restored whisk you away to a cottage in Normandy, a country home in the Dordogne or a chic pied à terre on the French Riviera. You can enjoy a French Country feel right in your own home.

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