Photo of a 60's inspired desk with a typewriter and wall painted in Blue Annie Sloan Chalk

How To Get A 1960s 'Mad Men' Look In Your Home

If you love the look and feel of the interiors of the TV show 'Mad Men' then perhaps it is time to give your living room a bit of a mid-century modern overhaul. This style is one that can easily and affordably be copied faithfully, or updated for a more contemporary modern vibe. Here are some easy ways to get the modern look of the 1950s and 1960s for your home:

Image of a 60's inspired desk with a typewriter on the desk.

Mid Century Furniture

Of course, the easiest and quickest way to get this mid-century modern look for your home is to source some authentic furniture from the period. Mid-century side boards, chairs, tables and other pieces of furniture can be found in upcycled or in a state of disrepair from a wide range of different sources. Look out for wood finish, peg legs, dynamic shaping and distinctive handles on drawers and cupboards. For upholstered items and soft furnishings, distinctive colours and period fabrics will help give the required effect.

Mid Century Colours

The colour pallet you use will also be a powerful way to evoke the period in the middle of the last century. Annie Sloan Chalk Paints offer several colours that would work perfectly in mid-century interiors. For example, one of the strongest and most vibrant colours of the period, Barcelona Orange, and the lovely teal shade of Province work really well with the deep brown of Honfleur to create an homage to the mid-century interior. Touches in vibrant green (Antibes Green) and bright yellow (English Yellow) will also work well to achieve the mid-century look.

A wheeled drinks tray with a map used for the lining

Mid Century Finishing Touches

Modern art, starburst mirrors, period pieces and most important of all, lighting, will all help tie this look together. Try to choose accents which repeat the colours of your chosen colour scheme, which will help the eye to flow through the room and will give the whole room a more cohesive feel rather than making it feel like a jumble of mid-century tat. Try to keep things crisp and fresh to avoid your home looking like a museum. To pay tribute to mid-century design but update things a little, try combining mid-century colours and furniture with some contemporary finishing touches.

For a real 'Mad Men', mid-century design kick, consider a small bar where you can entertain your friends and imagine an evening with Don Draper. A home bar was all the rage back then and could still be fun now. Surprise your friends with a fancy dinner party and serve them in style. They will never be able to believe how little it cost you to create your own take on mid-century 'Mad Men' look in your home.

Nostalgia for periods of the past does not mean moving backwards. By taking care of and updating furniture and other items from the past, we can all move towards a better and more sustainable future.

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