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How To Detox Your Home

For a healthy and sustainable life, we should all be thinking about the air quality in our homes. Throughout the 20th Century and as we have moved into this one, unfortunately most of us have paid little attention to the dangers of the world we have created. Fortunately, it is possible to make your home healthier for little cost – in fact you may even save money in the long run. Making a healthier home goes hand in hand with living a more eco-friendly and sustainable life. Here are a few tips to help you detox your home:

A can of Annie Sloan Chalk paint.  Lemon colourUse Non-Toxic Paints And Other Treatments

Love Restored can help you in your home decorating, DIY and upcycling projects by providing you with Annie Sloan Chalk Paints. These paints will not contribute to poor air quality in your home as they do not give off volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Some VOCs can be dangerous to human heath. Always read the side of paint cans and other treatments that you bring into your home and educate yourself as to the dangers of certain products. Use alternatives, like Annie Sloan paints, whenever possible.

Use Natural Cleaning Products

Cleaning products, air fresheners and other such items can all be replaced by natural products that are less damaging to your health and will make you breathe easier. Try to replace your barrage of damaging chemical cleaners with simple items such as vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and essential oils.

Reduce Your Use Of Plastics

Some plastics you have in your home off-gas, contaminating the air and reducing air quality. The effects of this off-gassing are not yet fully understood but there is a general consensus that the air pollution from some plastic items can be damaging to our health. By upcycling, choosing non-plastic alternatives and reducing plastic consumption, we can begin to improve the quality of the air inside our homes.

Clean Up Your Fridge And Cupboards

Plastic packaging and containers have been known to contaminate food. You should try to purge your home of as much plastic as possible, especially the kitchen. You can also detox your home by buying (or growing) as much organic produce as possible. The pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals used to grow much of the food we eat is having a detrimental effect on our health as a general population. Yes, organic food can cost more, but you can keep costs down by reducing reliance on processed food and cooking from scratch and by growing your own where possible.

Improve Air Quality With Plants And Natural Ventilation

The air quality within your home can be greatly improved simply by paying attention to natural ventilation. Open windows when the weather is warmer, for example. Plants will also help to improve the air quality, as well as making your home look and smell good.

Taking these measures will allow you to live more sustainably and detox your home to make it a safer environment for you and your family.

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