Quilted afghan and matching pillow on a rocking chair up-cycled with Anne Sloan Chalk Paint

Five Ways To Achieve A Rustic, Farmhouse Style

The rustic, farmhouse style is a timeless one that will never look outdated. The rustic look is never form over function. It is a practical look, unashamedly back to basics, and yet always has a warm and cosy charm – the charm of fresh baked bread, honest toil, craftsmanship and everyday family life. The farmhouse look immediately conjures up images of wooden beams, wooden floors covered by simple rugs, beautiful solid fuel stoves, Belfast sinks, solid wood tables and wooden rocking chairs. Here are five ways to achieve a rustic, farmhouse style without having to purchase any expensive items:

Reclaimed Wood

One of the most important elements of this look is aged wood – be it wooden beams, wooden floors, or wooden furniture. This is a look which celebrates the natural qualities of wood – its durability, patina, grain and texture. You can use Annie Sloan waxes to bring out the natural beauty in reclaimed wood and stains of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to subtly bring a room

Sideboard painted in Annie Sloan white chalk paint.

Earth Tone Paints And Stains

The colours of the rustic, farmhouse look are often the colours of nature. The lovely, warm, golden browns of aged wood and other tones, taken from the natural world. With the rustic look, earthy and natural paint colours, such as Amsterdam Green, Olive, Honfleur brown, French linen and similar shades, Annie Sloan Chalk Paints can help you evoke this sense of natural practicality. Thinning paints for use as stains on wood can help tie the room together.

Vintage/ Hand-Crafted Homeware

Sometimes, it is the small touches that can really make the difference to the feel of a room. Choosing some small, vintage homeware or hand-crafted bits and pieces for your home can give it that timeless charm and simplicity that the rustic, farmhouse look is all about. Again, wood is a key material to consider, especially in organic forms. Old books can also instantly create that touch of rustic charm. Candles can also add to the rustic feel.

Quilted afghan and matching pillow on a rocking chair up-cycled with Anne Sloan Chalk Paint

Quilts, Gingham And Natural Fabrics

Soft furnishings can also add to the practical yet cosy feel of a farmhouse. In the rustic, farmhouse style these fabrics are usually hard-wearing, sensible fabrics in simple, no-nonsense colours or prints. Thing wool, linen, cotton – not flimsier materials such as silk, satin or lace.

Folk Art

A rustic room should not be excessive in its decoration but nor should it be Spartan. Homely, hand-made pieces of art or folk art purchases can increase the homely style of this sort of interior design. Choose a few pieces of inexpensive art that you truly love – or create your own - to provide the finishing touches for your rustic, farmhouse look.

When you get this style right, it is so effortless. That is what the rustic look is all about – it is not about being noticed, it is about seamlessly blending everything so that it looks like it was placed there or done that way through necessity rather than design.

Photo of our upcycling class held at Love Restored

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