Brightly coloured nursery with patterned rug and matching wall paint

Five Time-Saving Tricks For Decorating A Room In Time For A New Baby

Preparing for a new baby is always going to be a hectic time, especially if it is your first child. There is so much to learn, so much to get ready – including, perhaps, a room for the new arrival. Decorating a new nursery need not be as expensive nor as time consuming as you might imagine, especially when you employ the use of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on some upcycled furniture and perhaps on the walls too.

Baby nursery with soft toy mobile hanging over the cot

Create A Removable Mural

Many people will choose to paint a frieze or mural on the wall of a room for a new baby. This is one way to personalise a space and provide plenty of visual stimuli for your new arrival. But time passes faster than you can imagine and soon, that mural may become out of date. Rather than having to make the effort to paint over outdated wall designs, create a large, removable art piece instead. One cheap and easy way to create an artwork is to take an old piece of fabric like a bed sheet and paint your bright and cheerful design onto that. Alternatively, use a large canvas or a sheet of wooden board. Painting a mural that can be moved could save you a lot of time in the long run, as it can simply be removed when your child gets too old for it or you want a change.

Quickly Paint Your Walls And Furniture

There are plenty of other ways to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to get baby's room ready. Chalk paint is so easy to use and does not give off some of the more harmful chemicals that you will get with other sorts of paint, meaning that it could be perfect for new parents to be trying to get things together before the baby arrives. In just one coat you can have new wall colour and paint some reclaimed furniture to fit your scheme.

Paint Blinds To Match Your New Design

What could be cuter in a baby's room than a blind that you have personalised with flowers, animals or simple shapes to suit the theme of the room. Perhaps you might even paint an emblem that matches the name of your child. Make the blind a black out one that keeps out unwanted light and this is also a very practical way to dress the windows.

Brightly coloured children's room with multi coloured rug

Create A Home Made Lamp Shade

 Why waste time finding the perfect, soothing light for baby's room when you could re-purpose and adapt one you already own or create your own from old fabric or an upcycled object. Painting sections of a fabric shade could allow you to get creative with how shadows are cast on the walls.

Create A Home-Made Mobile For A Baby-Friendly Design Scheme

Now you have all the big elements together it is just a case of putting in all those finishing touches. One cool art project for a baby's room, if you have the time, is a beautiful hand crafted mobile. You could use natural items found in your area – drift wood and shells, for example, or sticks and pine cones and other woodland finds. Of course you should keep these things out of baby's reach, but it could give them something to look at.

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