Tidings of Comfort and Joy wall plaque

Five Things You Can Do With An Old Jar This Christmas

Tidings of Comfort and Joy wall plaque


Sometimes, it is the simplest things that give us the most joy in life. Creative moments and the giving of gifts we have spend time on are surely amongst those joys. Recycling things that would otherwise be thrown away can also give us all a sense of satisfaction. An old jar may not seem like much but with the addition of some Annie Sloan Chalk Paints and a little imagination, you can use that empty jar as part of a beautiful Christmas decoration or Christmas gift. Creating home-made decorations and gifts is a great way to continue on a path to a more sustainable way of life.


Make A Simple Snow Globe Style Decoration


Woman reflected in a snowglobe


Find (or make) a little figurine or decoration and glue that to the lid of the jar.  Almost fill the jar with water, add a little glycerine and as much glitter as you want, then screw on the lid. You can make your snow globe even better by creating snow drifts around the bottom of the jar by painting Annie Sloan Pure White Chalk Paint around the jar and lid. You could also mirror that at the top of the ornament to make a cloud from which the snow will fall. If you are feeling particularly creative and dextrous, you could even paint in a background to your figure in layers of different chalk paints.

Create A Beautiful Candle Holder or Lantern

A jar painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint also makes a beautiful candle holder or lantern. By placing stickers in certain places on your jar and peeling them off after painting, you can create a cool window effect that will look great with a light shining out of it. Place a tealight in the jar on some sand. You can hand the jars by making holders from craft wire or twine. 

Make Gifts of Home Made Preserve

A jar of home-made jam or chutney will surely always go down well. But you can make that gift just a little more special by decorating the jar. Painting it in a way that is personal to the person you are giving it to will mean that they will appreciate your effort even more. Paint simply, or spend some time to create a more complex design, either way, this is a thoughtful gift.

Make Customised Drinking Glasses

If you are planning a party this Christmas you can give it a special, folksy charm by making customised drinking glasses from old jars. You can dip the jars bases in different colours of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in vibrant colours and could even write people's names on each one. This is one to just have a little fun with. Get some straws to match and make some Christmas cocktails to serve in them.


Christmas decorations made with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint


Make A Vase For Flowers Or Displays

A jar painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is perfect for a flower arrangement or other centrepiece display. Rather than buying vases you could simply have a range of different jars painted for different displays on different yearly occasions. For example, for Christmas, you could paint an old jar in a deep green shade and fill it with red berry branches or red blooms.

Use your imagination and you will see that a glass jar is not the only piece of household waste that could be recycled to make something beautiful and useful for your home this Christmas and throughout the year.

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