Gift ideas using upcycled items and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Five Sustainable, Upcycled Christmas Gifts You Can Make By Yourself At Home

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Christmas in this day and age can be depressingly commercial. But it should not be that way, nor should it have to be. The festive season should be all about spending time with those you love and showing them that you care. We can reclaim the festive season and live more sustainable lives by making upcycled Christmas gifts ourselves at home. There are plenty of ways to turn old items into lovely Christmas gifts for friends and family. Here are just five ideas:

Personalised Plant Pots Or Garden Equipment

Gardening is one of the most eco friendly hobbies, especially if people make the effort to grow at least some of their own food. For the plant lover or keen gardener in your life, why not hand paint a plant pot (with a pleasing house plant in it, perhaps) or restore and customise some garden tools? Old garden tools are often found for free or for minimal cost. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is perfect for customising these items, simply by painting pots and tool handles, or by creating a more unique design. Visit our Pinterest Page for a great ideas and inspiration for a crafty creative Christmas. 

A Hand-Crafted Keepsake Box

Many old battered boxes can be found for sale which would be perfect for the creation of a beautiful upcycled keepsake box. Alternatively, with a few rudimentary wood working skills, you could make your own wooden box out of reclaimed timber. Whichever option you choose, you could simply treat the wood to bring out its natural colours and textures, or do a customised paint job using Annie Sloan chalk paints or even using Annie Sloan Image Medium (Decoupage) glue for decoupaging images onto items.


Christmas craft ideas using upcycled items


Candles in Vintage China Cups

Vintage china is perfect for sustainable Christmas gifts. You can fill old teacups with wax to make candles, or you could fill them with, for example, cooking or baking ingredients, or some kind of natural beauty product. All of these things can allow you to spend some time on making something special for someone this Christmas. Even mismatched tea cups could be used and if you do not like their designs then you could even customise them with some paint to make a set.

A Patchwork Throw

If you look through your wardrobe you will likely find a whole range of clothes that you no longer use or which are unwearable. Whatever you cannot donate could be used for a range of individual sewing projects. A patchwork throw, cushion covers, or, for example, a bag, could all be made with basic sewing skills and could make lovely Christmas gifts.

An Original Artwork

If you are a creative person than an original work of art could be the perfect gift. Whether you paint a picture, or create a sculpture, Annie Sloan chalk paint could help you reach the desired effect. Consider creating art on a beautiful piece of driftwood, for example, or on an interesting rock. Here are some amazing photos of a piece of furniture that has been made original and has been painted by a fellow Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Stockist MAG Handmade in Latvia.

Use your imagination and there is no end to the beautiful upcycled, sustainable Christmas gift options. LRx


MAG Handmade Painted furniture Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

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