old pieces of worn out furniture painted in a distressed style with Anne Sloan Chalk Paint

Creating Age Old Charm With The Distressed Paint Look

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Part of the joy of up-cycling old furniture is that you can give tatty, worn or even new items the age-old charm of a well-loved antique. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint allows you to achieve wonderful effects. One of these effects is a style that looks as though the furniture has been well used over the ages, painted multiple times over the years and 'distressed' or worn down in the areas where it would naturally be worn, on corners, for example, and on the legs of chairs and tables. Distressed paint work is one of the key ways in which you can recreate an age old charm with your upcycled furniture.


Annie Sloan paint is easy to use. It can be used on furniture without sanding or priming and because it is so quick to dry, it is no effort at all to find the time to build up multiple layers of paint. Of course, in a genuine antique, paint layers would have been built up slowly over the years as the piece experienced wear and tear and was refreshed periodically by its owners. With Annie Sloan Paint and some simple sandpaper you can emulate that effect in a day.


The distressed paint look is perfect for old pieces of worn out furniture with all their dents and dings. You can create an infinite variety of charm by wearing down the layers of paint to give a range of different effects. For age-old charm, the paint layers should be worn off in such a way as to give the effect of natural degradation rather than something done artificially. 


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You can make the distressed paint effect look more natural by choosing colours that copy the appearance of paints used on old furniture than has genuinely undergone a series of rustic paint jobs over the years. By choosing paint shades such as 'Original', which was the colour most favoured for the painting of old wooden furniture, and layering it with other frequently used paint colours, you can create a subtle but effective distressed paint look. 


With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, you can certainly make your nothing-special item of furniture into something with the age-old charm of a well-loved piece that really has been repainted and repainted over the years. With the distressed paint look, you can create something truly unique, a piece of your home to be loved and cherished. 


Once you have created the distressed paint look, you can protect the piece from further degradation by covering it with a couple of layers of finishing wax, also from the Annie Sloan range. So why not give it a go? Create a distressed paint finish that will add age-old charm and character to your happy home. 


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