Bright Yellow room with swatches of Annie Sloan Paint to demonstrate colours available

Creating A Minimalist, Contemporary Space With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

If you are someone who loves a clean, contemporary look then you may not immediately think of restored furniture, reclaimed items and chalk paint. You might think that you will need brand new, sleek items in order to achieve the look you are going for. But in reality, a minimalist, contemporary space can be created with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and with items that others may have thrown away. You too can be part of the sustainability revolution and can avoid contributing to contemporary environmental problems that are inherent in the manufacture and distribution of new items.

Image of a yellow room and swatches of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

One of the problems for those who want to create this sort of interior design is that unless cash reserves are bountiful, it can be costly to get all-matching fittings and furniture. Often, we collect items as we go along and so many of our homes are filled with things in different styles, all of which do not necessarily come together to form a cohesive design plan. Annie Sloan Chalk paint is the perfect solution for old and mismatched furniture and could help you to get a sleek, minimalist, contemporary home for far less than you might imagine.

The key in achieving this look is to create some uniformity in colour through a whole room. Many will choose to stick to pure white, or a monochrome black and white look. Others may choose one accent colour for bold modern features to bring life to a very austere scheme. Chalk paint can be found in shades perfect for this sort of interior design. Pure white is perfect for a minimalist scheme and also works very well in a contemporary colour-scheme alongside Graphite and in crisp contrast to strong, bold colours such as Emperor's Silk – a strong, bright red which could be perfect as a feature colour in contemporary home décor.

image of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint pots and coloured swatches matching the pots

Contrary to popular opinion, chalk paint is not just about creating a distressed, loose and bohemian look. You can also use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to create a smooth, modern finish. Take signature pieces of furniture and sand them down with medium-grit sandpaper in order to get rid of any lumps and bumps. You can then water down the chalk paint and apply it smoothly and evenly, running brush strokes in the same direction as the grain on wood furniture. For a super-smooth finish, you can also use a fine sandpaper to buff the surface once the paint is dry. Think about painting pieces of furniture to blend in with the walls and door framing etc..

Furniture can be further customised to make it fit into a minimalist, contemporary space by changing any handles and reducing embellishment. Minimalist style is often largely about being clever with storage solutions, as this is not a look that can be achieved in a cluttered home. Reclaimed furniture can be an affordable way to get good storage and as your provider of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Love Restored can help you to almost effortlessly blend old items into your contemporary home.

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