Breathe Life Into Your Winter Garden And Prepare For Spring at Love Restored

Breathe Life Into Your Winter Garden And Prepare For Spring

If you are lucky enough to have a garden or some outside space, are you really making the most of it? Outside space is a valuable resource which you are probably under utilising. Even a small garden can grow a surprisingly large amount of food for your family. Not only that, a well-designed garden can be a space of relaxation, of entertainment and of play. If you have the perfect outside space then you will want to spend time in it, even during the coldest part of the year.

You may be surprised but winter is the perfect time to improve your garden. Now is the time to plant fruit trees, bare root canes and a range of perennial shrubs and plants. While the leaves are gone from many trees and shrubs, a sunny and mild winter's day could also be the perfect time to pay some attention to walls and fences. You can undertake any necessary repairs and even consider brightening up those surfaces with some bright and cheerful colours from Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint range. The paints can be used outside without any risk to plants and once try, will stand up fine to rain without being varnished or protected in any other way.

Colour often feels like it has been leached from the winter garden so painting the structures in your garden could help to make things more vibrant throughout the year. Taking care over these things can help inspire you to spend more time outdoors and turn your outside space into the beautiful and productive place that it should be. Spend some time in your garden. Think about its benefits and the problems it may face. Where does the sun fall? Is there a strong wind from a certain direction? Is most of the space in shade for most of the time, or is it simply very small? No matter what the challenges, these can be overcome with good garden design. Now is the time to make plans and put the basic structures in place so that you can sow and plant in the spring.


You do not need to spend a fortune to improve your garden or outside space. You can use inexpensive or even free reclaimed materials to create raised garden beds. Even the drawers from an old chest of drawers could be customised to create some pretty little growing areas for salad and herbs. Old containers, furniture, scrap wood and metal and even household rubbish can all be recycled and used inventively in your garden or outside space.

Wooden pallet in the garden with herbs planted in it

You can make odd bits and pieces – a drawer here, some old shelves to form a vertical garden area there, a rusty old garden table and chairs – meld together by painting them with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to draw them into the general theme. You can also paint old plant pots and containers, considering what will be grown in each one and how their colours will look when combined with the colours of the plants and flowers within.


Think about how the garden will serve you, your family and friends and the other creatures who also visit the space. Make the most of what you have and by the spring you will be one step closer to a more sustainable future.


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