White living room with a lounger and a 16 cube storage block

Beautiful DIY Storage Solutions For Your Home

Most of us struggle with clutter in our homes and always feel the need for more space, no matter how much space we already have. No matter how cluttered and full our homes are, however, they can still be beautiful. There are plenty of ways to maximise the storage space in your home without compromising on the aesthetics. Annie Sloan chalk paints can help you to create custom DIY storage solutions that not only solve your clutter problems but also make your home more beautiful than ever. Here are some storage ideas that you might like to try:

Living Room with a number of storage solutions for a small room.

Wooden Pallet Shelves

A simple wooden pallet attached to a wall can instantly increase your storage space. Sanding and painting the wooden pallet using Annie Sloan chalk paints allows you to create a beautiful staging on which you can proudly display some of your treasured items. Whether you keep the look neutral or go for something much bolder, wooden pallets are a blank canvas on which you can show your own personality and style.

Painted Rope Shelf

Another great idea for a wall shelf that would be perfect in a bathroom or kitchen is a simple plank shelf held onto the wall by means of two metal drawer handles and some rope. Annie Sloan chalk paints can be used to paint the wood but also to dye the rope, so you can really have fun customising the design.

White lounge chair in a living room with a 16 cube storage solution featured

Painted Wicket Boxes And Baskets

Wicket boxes or baskets for storing paperwork, clothing or bedding are commonplace. Why not give one of these rather boring receptacles a new lease of life by painting it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paints. This could be a quick and easy way to make your storage blend into the background, or become an integral part of your interior design plan.

Upcycled Bedding Box

Cheap or old and worn bedding boxes can also be improved and upcycled with the addition of a coat or two of paint. You could paint a bedding box or trunk in a classy and understated way or go all out with a creative design. Why not set the kids to work customising their own storage boxes for their rooms? Or you could paint something beautiful to make a toy box for a young child that they can really treasure.

Hessian Toy Hammock

One of the great things about Annie Sloan Paints is that they can be used to paint fabrics as well as solid surfaces so they are extremely versatile. If your child's room is becoming a sea of soft toys, why not consider making a hammock from cheap, painted hessian fabric to keep them all comfortably contained? In fact, you could use any old fabric that you have to hand to create this hanging toy storage solution.

Use your imagination and you will see that there are almost endless ways to create beautiful DIY storage solutions for your home, especially with the help of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Why buy new when old can look so good?

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