Kitchen sideboard painted in a red Annie Sloan Chalk paint

Affordable, Sustainable Ideas To Spruce Up Your Kitchen

If you feel as though your kitchen needs a little TLC, do not immediately run out and start looking for new kitchens and dreaming about when you will be able to afford one. Instead, think about what you can do now to spruce up your kitchen without spending a fortune. Not only will you get a kitchen that is more 'you', you will also do your part to make the world more eco-friendly and live in a more sustainable way. Our grandmothers knew everything there was to know about make do and mend – so why have so many of us forgotten? Buying new is not always the solution and you do not need much money for beautiful interior design. Here are five affordable, sustainable ideas to help you improve your kitchen and make it a place you want to spend more time in:

Update Tired Cabinets With Chalk Paint & Wax

Chalk paint is not, of course, the most durable of surfaces on its own. However, with the addition of wax, you can make it a far more sensible proposition for your kitchen cabinets – they should be able to stand up to even the most rowdy of child and pet filled homes. Choose a beautiful Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colour such as cool, clean Louis Blue or Duck Egg Blue and you will have a kitchen that could be fit to grace the pages of a glossy magazine.

Kitchen sideboard painted in a red Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Make The Kitchen The Heart Of The Home With An Upcycled Kitchen Table And Chairs

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint also lends itself perfectly to upcycled kitchen table legs and chairs too. Why not give that old battered table a new lease of life by painting the legs and base in a colour that helps to tie the room together. You could paint the top too, or keep its simple, untreated wood tones as a contrast against the paint, bringing out its colours with a little linseed oil.

Add A New Home-Made Window Blind To Give A Whole New Unique Look

One small detail often overlooked in a kitchen is the dressing on the window or windows. But doing something as small as fitting a hand made blind to your window could make a real difference to how it looks and feels. You can find some old fabric from your home and with a few rudimentary sewing skills, you could make the perfect blind to suit everything else in the room.

Vertical Herb Garden on a white Annie Sloan painted wall

Upcycle An Old Kitchen Dresser & Fill It With Beautiful Antique Items

If you have a larger kitchen then one of the most beautiful ways to get a contemporary, country kitchen feel is to find an old kitchen dresser and use it to display some beautiful antique or handmade items. The personal touch can be added with paint, stencils, or new knobs and you can make the kitchen dresser perfect for your space.

Create A Vertical Herb Garden On A Sunny Wall

With one eye on being sustainable and one eye on interior design perfection, you could create a vertical garden for a sunny kitchen wall. There are any number of ways to create containers in which to grow herbs and salad crops and as long as they get water and sunlight, they will look beautiful and provide you with some food.

Update your kitchen with one or more of these relatively cheap and simple projects and you will be likely to spend more time there.

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